Gerrymandering is the manipulation of electoral district boundaries to give an unfair advantage to a particular candidate or political party. In 21st century America, gerrymanders have become more sophisticated, and their effects more extreme. The result has been a loss in public faith in the country's democratic institutions, and a greater number of legislators who feel unbeholden to voters. But the tide is turning, and there are ways citizens can fight back against gerrymandering.
Jul. 22, 2022
The history of the fight for LGBT rights did not begin at Stonewall. Over a century ago, the first social movement advocating acceptance and equal rights for gay, bi, and trans people was founded in Germany. At its center was Magnus Hirschfeld, a scientist and social activist whose career spanned from the late 19th century, through the unprecedented flowering of queer expression in interwar Europe, and to the horrific oppression of the Nazi era.
Feb. 22, 2022