Comics Chronicle is a collection of nonfiction comics about history, democracy, science, politics, human rights, and social justice.

I like to write about things that I've wanted to know more about. People and subjects that are often overlooked, that aren't taught in school. If these comics can teach you something you didn't know, and make you want to learn more, then in my eyes they are a success.


Concept, research, writing, drafting, drawing, coloring, lettering, and web design by R. E. Ryan.

Special thanks to all of my proofreaders.

Additional thanks to:
Comic Fury for providing a user-friendly platform for this comic.
YourFonts & FontForge for helping produce the personalized font used in these comics.

The Author

I'm an enthusiast of comics and history from Portland, Oregon.

In addition to Comics Chronicle, I also have a weekly dark comedy webcomic, Because I'm Depressed. I also occasionally share miscellaneous drawings on Instagram.

You can contact me via email or private message on Comic Fury. Due to my schedule I can't promise a timely response, but I will do my best to get back to you.