Celebrate the Color Purple With X-MEN and LOOTCRATE

Credit: Marvel/LootCrate

Credit: Marvel/LootCrate

LootCrate will celebrate the color purple this summer – as in the hues of the violet spectrum of light, not the seminal Prince film and album – with a loot box full of stuff centered on X-Men who wear purple.

The characters to be featured include Gambit, Magneto, Psylocke, and Lockheed, with purple/mutant-themed merchandise including the Psylocke/Sentinel t-shirt seen here, a tiki mug, and other unspecified items.

Previous LootCrate Marvel color-themed boxes have included a Daredevil-centric Red box and a Black Panther/Venom inspired Black box, as well as a Blue box honoring Captain Marvel, Beast, and more.

The crates retail for $36.99 and have an order cutoff of July 15.

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