TESS FOWLER is Beating Cancer, But Could Use Your Help



Credit: Tess Fowler



Credit: Tess Fowler

Writer/artist Tess Fowler (Dungeons and Dragons: A Darkened Wish, Kid Lobotomy) has taken a hiatus from comic books as she undergoes treatment for breast cancer, and her friend and colleague B. David Walters has started a GoFundMe account to help her and her family pay for medical expenses.

“Folks, cancer is an a–hole. It takes and takes and takes and takes. We’ve all had someone we love affected by the disease, and now it is at our very doorstep,” Walters writes. “Tess doesn’t just draw stories about heroes: She is one. She would give the shirt off her back and has given the books off her shelves for friends in need countless times. And now she needs our help.”

Fowler has been diagnosed with HER2-positive breast cancer, an aggressive strain of the already serious disease.

“Tess (and Chris, her husband and right hand man) are staring down four months of chemo, then surgery to have a double mastectomy, then three more months of chemo followed by another surgery for a hysterectomy,” Walters writes. “That’s a rough road to walk, but Tess will do it with Chris by her side.”

The two haven’t been able to work regularly during the treatment and caregiving, and Walters organized the GoFundMe to raise money for their monthly living expenses.

“Their monthly overhead is roughly $4,000 a month,” Walters continues. “As you saw above, they have seven months of treatment to endure, but every $4,000 raised is 30 days where money isn’t a problem they have to solve. They have enough to deal with already.”

After three days, the GoFundMe has raised over $37,000 to help Fowler – with an aim to break $50,000 to assist in paying for medical expenses and lost wages.

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