DC Introducing New ‘Prestige Plus’ Format in 2020

Credit: DC/Black Label

Credit: DC Comics

With today’s DC Comics January 2020 solicitations, you might have noticed a new format term being bandied around: “Prestige Plus.” But what is it?

“Prestige Plus” is a new name for a format that DC introduced earlier this year for some of its DC Black Label titles: squarebound comic books that measure 8.5″ by 10.875″, and come with cardstock covers. If you picked up the print editions of Superman: Year One or Joker/Harley: Criminal Insanity, you’ve already seen the format – but now it has a name.

Credit: DC/Black Label

So how does it differ from DC’s long-standing “Prestige” format? Well, it’s all about size – those are usually 6.525″ by 10.1875″, so “Prestige Plus” will be generally two inches wider and almost an inch shorter.

The upcoming Joker: Killer Smile and The Question: The Deaths of Vic Sage are both solicited to be “Prestige Plus” formatted.

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