WONDER WOMAN Flashes Forward to a DEAD EARTH with MURDER FALCON Creator

Credit: DC Black Label

Credit: DC Black Label

Credit: DC Black Label

This December, DC Black Label will expand with a post-apocalyptic Wonder Woman limited series titled Dead Earth from Murder Falcon creator Daniel Warren Johnson, as announced via i09.

Warren Johnson will write and draw Wonder Woman: Dead Earth, while Mike Spicer will color the story. In Dead Earth Diana awakens in a future world where most of mankind has perished in a nuclear war, leaving her to face down the monsters that now roam the Earth.

Credit: DC Black Label

Credit: DC Black Label

“I like the audacity of an immortal hero saying to a human, ‘I do this because I love you,’” Warren Johnson explained. “That line is in the first issue, actually. I was thinking, what better way to explore how much a character loves a maybe undeserving humanity than to really test the limits of where that love goes, when confronted with the harsh reality of what humanity is capable of? Within this world, humans are doing their best to survive, and when humans are trying to survive, a lot of times the worst parts of ourselves come out. So that’s on full display here in Wonder Woman: Dead Earth.”

Credit: DC Black Label

Wonder Woman: Dead Earth #1 is due out in December. The series length hasn’t been specified.

Look for DC Comics’ full December 2019 solicitations later today.

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