Prince of Tennis OVA to Screen in Cinemas for 2 Weeks from Nov. 15


The Prince of Tennis‘ third Best Games!! OVA is set to be screened for two weeks only from Nov. 15 in 30 cinemas across Japan!

The Best Games!! series dramatises some of the best matches in Prince of Tennis history with the first movie featuring Tezuka vs Atobe. The second features doubless matches between Inui & Kaido vs Shishido & Otori, and Oishi & Kikumaru vs Nio & Yagyu. The latest installment will focus on Fuji vs. Kirihara, a PV for which is now available on the official website.

Fans buying tickets for the cinema screening will receive a bonus gift of one of six coasters featuring Fuji, Momoshiro, Yukimura, Sanada, Yanagi, and Kirihara.

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