KEANU REEVES’ Perfect Marvel Cinematic Universe Role is FANTASTIC FOUR’s REED RICHARDS


Keanu Reeves / Reed Richards

Credit: Featureflash Photo Agency ( / Chris Samnee (Marvel Comics)

Keanu Reeves is a hot commodity right now with a series of well-received roles in popular movies and a growing reputation as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood. So it’s no surprise that Reeves has been sought by Marvel Studios for a role for some time.

It seems the only obstacle to bringing Reeves into the MCU is finding the right role. And taking everything we know about Marvel Studios and Reeves himself into account, we think we know exactly who Reeves should play.

Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four.

We have the feeling Reeves’ somewhat stoic delivery and early reputation for bonehead comedies such as the Bill & Ted franchise (itself heading for a revival soon) may have some of you saying “Whoa…” But boiling it down, we think Keanu Reeves as Reed Richards makes perfect sense.

For one thing, we think Reeves’ cool, collected demeanor is actually spot on for the often aloof and in-his-head Reed Richards, whose biggest failing is often his inability to connect to those around him the way he connects to his ideas. Consider the disconnected duality of Reeves’ performance as Neo in The Matrix trilogy as a person always on the verge of discovery but with an innate advanced understanding of the world around him.

Reeves is the perfect actor to stand straight-faced in the Negative Zone delivering a scientific monologue to his kids while Ben Grimm grapples with Blastaar – just think of his solemn and deliberate action style in the John Wick franchise, the center of the hurricane of violence unfolding around him.

And at the same time, he’d be perfectly believable as a family man trying to connect with his wife and children while grappling with his own ego. Alongside his action and sci-fi pedigree (which is as good as anyone in Hollywood’s), Reeves has an extensive resume playing surprisingly heartfelt roles – and that’s not even mentioning his real life reputation as a charitable and kind person in on his own joke.

Reeves has the acting range to convey the weight of loss and responsibility for his family that is essential for Reed Richards, who created and defined the Fantastic Four around the idea of celebrating his family’s differences and challenges while advancing the human race. He’s got the action sensibilities and delivery to credibly convey the super-science weirdness that the FF should embrace while staying true to the MCU style of exposition intercut with comedy. And on top of that, he’d look great with a little salt-and-pepper in his hair.

So how about it Marvel Studios? Pit Keanu Reeves against Doctor Doom. Make him Ben Grimm’s surprisingly insightful best pal, Sue’s enigmatic but supportive partner, Johnny’s stoic mentor, and Franklin and Valeria’s always striving but ever distant dad. If you’re looking for Keanu’s perfect role, this just might be it.

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